School development campaign
February 18, 2016
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School fundraising campaign

"I strongly recommend MCC Design – they combine an ability to understand a brief, no matter how large or small, with agility and speed and a real desire to provide the best possible customer service. Not just that, but they’re genuinely fun to work with!”
Colin Dudgeon, Development Director, Stowe School

The challenge

Stowe School needed a striking campaign to inspire the school community to get involved in a major fundraising project: an ambitious, state-of-the-art science facility. Science at Stowe is hands-on and exciting – full of bangs, pops and bad smells. Stowe were looking for a creative execution to reflect this and energise the school community to get involved in the project.

Stowe School Fundraising Mailer
Our approach

‘Bang’ was used as the theme for the campaign. The explosive visuals brought the campaign to life both through animation in digital media and a pop-up brochure in print format (shown above). The core element of the campaign was a direct mail shot to the entire school community. This was supported by web and email communications.

Direct Mail
Print Design
Print Management
Web Design

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